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Get warm on winter mornings

Winter mornings can be the hardest time to exercise but exercise is also the best thing to stay warm from the inside out.

Pilates helps improve circulation, strength and mobility.

To help you start the day in a healthy way Ballina Pilates has scheduled a number of new morning classes.

New mat class:
Tuesday 7:00am (for early risers) and Wednesday 10:00am

Equipment class:
Wednesday 8:00am and Thursday9:00 am

As always, we specialize in programs that are just right for your body using a vast array of Pilates equipment and props. Personal attention is what we provide in a Ballina Pilates class to make sure you are getting a safe work out that will give you maximum results.
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We are lucky that most of our winter days here in the Northern Rivers region are nice and sunny. Though mornings might have a chill, so let us warm you up…

Favorite winter warmer exercises:

Lunging step back
– any squatting motions are working the big muscle groups in our legs, thus warming for the body – incorporating the Magic Circle is working our upper body for shoulder girdle strength

– a full body exercise, requiring core and strength in upper limbs for weight bearing
– easier variations to the full plank, can be kneeling plank, hands on a platform higher than your feet or start standing with hands pushing into a wall
– work harder with single leg lifts and/or push up arms

Side balance
– strong core stability work and upper limbs weight bearing
– just hold and breathe or add body rotation or single leg kicks