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Get warm on winter mornings

Winter mornings can be the hardest time to exercise but exercise is also the best thing to stay warm from the inside out.

Pilates helps improve circulation, strength and mobility.

To help you start the day in a healthy way Ballina Pilates has scheduled a number of new morning classes.

New mat class:
Tuesday 7:00am (for early risers) and Wednesday 10:00am

Equipment class:
Wednesday 8:00am and Thursday9:00 am

As always, we specialize in programs that are just right for your body using a vast array of Pilates equipment and props. Personal attention is what we provide in a Ballina Pilates class to make sure you are getting a safe work out that will give you maximum results.
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We are lucky that most of our winter days here in the Northern Rivers region are nice and sunny. Though mornings might have a chill, so let us warm you up…

Favorite winter warmer exercises:

Lunging step back
– any squatting motions are working the big muscle groups in our legs, thus warming for the body – incorporating the Magic Circle is working our upper body for shoulder girdle strength

– a full body exercise, requiring core and strength in upper limbs for weight bearing
– easier variations to the full plank, can be kneeling plank, hands on a platform higher than your feet or start standing with hands pushing into a wall
– work harder with single leg lifts and/or push up arms

Side balance
– strong core stability work and upper limbs weight bearing
– just hold and breathe or add body rotation or single leg kicks

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Back to full class schedule.

As many of you know, Dana and Dion have had the arrival of a wonderful baby girl born in the beginning of March. Whilst Dana took some maternity leave, Brigid taught a number of the Pilates classes and has become a valuable member of the team. Now Dana is back on board and Ballina Pilates is once again offering a full class schedule. Please see our new timetable for changes and book through the booking page.

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Happy Easter

Ballina Pilates wishes everyone a happy Easter!

Easter Monday we won’t have the morning mat class on, but we are available for the equipment class at 5:30pm. A couple of bookings are still available for that session.

And we keep a few classes running that Easter week, as follows:
Tuesday 3pm – 5:30pm equipment
Wednesday 5:30+ 6:30pm mat class and
Saturday 9am mat class.

If you are on holiday travels, at the Bluesfest or Easter egg hunting at home, we wish you some warming sunshine amongst the typical Easter rainy weather!


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Classes and Bookings beginning 2019

Dear Pilates clients,

Second month of the new year is already into full swing and we’ve started started up some classes again.
We’ll try to accommodate the previously set timetable as best we can so people can stick to their weekly routines. Some class times may change and some classes are not covered with a teacher yet, where Dana is on maternity leave.

We’d like to introduce Brigid Pearse, for whom of you did not meet her yet.
Brigid started teaching for us at the end of last year and brings a lot of fine detailed movement focus into her teaching effort.
She is a movement practitioner with 20 years of experience. As a dancer she had a keen interest in using dance to help people experience and understand their anatomy. She discovered Pilates 15 years ago and looks forward to teaching it for many years to come.
Brigid received her Pilates instructor certification with the Body Organics studio in Brisbane. Body Organics is a comprehensive multidisciplinary practice which gives their students a deeper understanding about the integration of movement and biomechanics. Their knowledge base comes from various movement professionals such as, physiotherapists, exercise physiologists, podiatrists, paediatric specialists and so on.

Following class times are offered at this point in time:

Mat classes:
Monday 9:30 am
Wednesday 5:30 pm and 6:30 pm
Saturday 9:00 am

Equipment classes: 
Tuesday 3:00 pm, 4:00 pm, 5:30 pm and 6:30 pm

We are also looking into covering the Thursday evening equipment class time slot.
If we find enough expression of interest another teacher would be available to start a Tuesday morning 9 am mat class.

The booking system

Please note, we encourage all clients to use the MindBody online booking system, either through “bookings” on our webpage or with installing the MindBody App on your smartphone or tablet, whichever is more convenient for you.
The booking system allows you to look up the current classes schedule, including information on class vacancies, as this changes during the run of a week.
If you purchased a pass it also allows you to to follow up your class credits and the history of your visits.

It is useful for us as a business, as the teachers can get a heads-up on how many people and who will attend a class, which is necessary information, especially for the equipment class teachers to prepare the class programs.

What is the MINDBODY® app?


“The MINDBODY app® is a free mobile app that links you to a worldwide network of MINDBODY businesses. You can browse classes, book appointments, and buy passes from opted-in businesses in your area. If you’ve added a credit card to your account, or received a gift card from the business, you can even pay before you arrive.”

What if I’ve already created an account online?

“You’ll still need to sign up for an account through the MINDBODY app. Your mobile account is separate from the profile used at your local business.
When you register with MINDBODY, the app searches for existing MINDBODY profiles and syncs them to your mobile device. The syncing process works by matching two pieces of information across accounts: your email address and your first and last name. Once synced, you can access all of your previously purchased passes directly from the app.”


In the following file  Mindbody booking instructions.pdf  we tried to give you a run down on how to log in with either using the App or through the Ballina Pilates website.

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Makarlu – Workshop

Makarlu – Inspired by Nature. Designed for Movement.

Dear Pilates friends,

we want to announce a workshop event for the coming Sunday 13th January at our studio,
What time? 11am – 1pm.

Carla Mullins from Body Organics in Brisbane is visiting us to present a 2 hour workshop introducing the Makarlu, a massage and balance tool to incorporated into Pilates exercises on the mat or with the equipment and useful in your home setting as self-massage for fascia release and for balancing exercises to improve your body’s proprioception and coordination.

The Makarlu dome system is a newly developed product, well crafted, where Carla gave a lot input onto the design for the functionality of its various applications.

For information on the Makarlu please follow the link to the Body Organics website:

and for specific information on its application for plantar fasciitis read Carla’s blog:

About Carla Mullins
Over many years Carla explored many mind-body techniques and movement methods and can well be called a Pilates expert. Her business has evolved into one of Brisbane’s best multidisciplinary health care practices. Besides providing a wide array of client care in physical health with her team of Pilates teachers and complementary health practitioners, she is also an educator in the Pilates Method, running teacher training curricula and workshops for skills development and mentoring of instructors.

We are looking forward to have Carla as a well of knowledge visiting us here in Ballina.


Everyone is invited to take part in this workshop, suitable for clients and also teachers.

For bookings please click the following link to the Body Organics website


The workshop on Sunday will consist of:

// an introduction and ideas on the various configurations of the Makarlu domes

//Mat class using Makarlu as a prop , 45 minutes

// Markarlu as a prop with Pilates Apparatus  45 minutes

The participants would each receive a set of makarlu ( $200 value a pair in itself) and a 90 minute class on how to use it for a total of $250.


Looking forward to see you at the clinic.

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Christmas Break

Dear Pilates friends,

Welcome to our first newsletter, which shall also be the last for 2018.
The Christmas holidays are approaching soon.
Our last classes for this year will be held on Saturday the 22nd December.

As many of you know, Dana and Dion are expecting a new arrival to their family very soon, therefore we will give classes a holiday break from Christmas to the end of January.

We will pick up the class schedule again at the beginning of February.  As we are still about to coordinate the teachers who are taking on either mat or equipment classes, please look out for a newsletter update in January for class times available. Also please refer to the online booking system for timetable updates in the new year.

Thank you to everyone for participating in our classes. It is a big reward to hear how clients overcome their injury hurdles.  We enjoy helping you find ease of movement and seeing your progression in building body strength and control.

For some, Pilates rehabilitation is a means to an end. For others, the Pilates practice becomes regular physical body maintenance as part of increasing well-being.
For what ever reason you are seeing us, we are looking forward to seeing you back in the new year.

Ballina Pilates wishes you and your families a wonderful Christmas and a happy and healthy 2019.